Certified Data Erasure

Data security is the first stage of the recycling process and is of

paramount importance to all organisations. Simply deleting data

or restoring factory settings from a device is not enough, as sensitive

data may not be permanently destroyed. This could result in sensitive

data such as emails, contacts and bank details being easily recovered

and in the wrong hands.

As part of our standard recycling process all handsets and laptops

received are subject to fully comprehensive data removal procedures

carried out by trained engineers in a secure area. All internal and

external data will be deleted from the devices to give peace of mind.

ü Full data erasure

ü Detailed reporting

ü Full audit trail

ü Blancco Partnership

As well as Blancco, here are further procedures we have in place to ensure full data removal…

ü Hard Reset: A hard reset is a function built into a device

which enables the user to return it to the original settings and

features that were present at the point of purchase.

ü Flashing: Mobile phone flashing is a process wherein a

mobile phones firmware is updated or re-programmed. By

reprogramming or restoring firmware any sensitive data that may

have been stored within the phones original file system will be


ü Master Clear: By using the master clear function of a device

or entering a master clear code as supplied by the devices internal

memory and set up can be returned to its original state.

ü Manual Clearance: By manually locating files and folders

that may potentially contain sensitive data and following process

given by manufacturer’s data deletion can take place.

This program eliminates the risk of inadvertent data leaks by providing

maximum security and a fail-proof audit trail for every device that is

erased. The process ensures 100% secure and efficient data erasure.