Zhongxin technology pte ltd is an international leader in recycling solutions for mobile phones.

 We will recycle our company’s mobilephones and electrical devices in all working conditions, this includes faulty or non-working.


We routinely receive devices that are damaged to the point that your typical end user would not be able to fix. Our engineers can diagnose and resolve most problems in a timely manner, allowing us to refurbish the equipment and then reuse it; resulting in little to no waste.

Around 95% of the traded-in devices ,our company handle are data-wiped, refurbished and resold. The 5% that cannot be restored are fully recycled, leading to zero waste going to landfill.

Recover, Reuse and Recycle

our companies are full supporters of Recover, Reuse and Recycle. We

extend the life cycle of mobile phones  by recovering and reusing

93% of them. The remains are broken down and recycled responsibly.


Full data erasure working in partnership with global leader Blancco.


Sometimes devices are just not refurbishable and we need to go into a salvaging mindset. We strip the item of all recyclable materials and break the device down. This is an absolute last resort but it does result in less damage to the environment than simply throwing the device away.


We lengthen the average life cycle of mobile phones and lcd device equipment by recovering and reusing as much as possible. If they cannot be reused or refurbished, devices or components contained within will be reused or broken into their raw materials for reuse. Working mobile phones and electronic device equipment can be used by developing nations, providing their populations with affordable technology.


Sometimes, new smartphones and tablets have large glass screens which are easily scratched and imperfections can develop over a short period of time which can reduce the visibility and functionality of the device. Glass being a fragile material is extremely susceptible to cracks and damage, why replace a perfectly functioning device for a new one when only glass can be replaced our recycle factories.

Every mobile phone contains significant amounts of copper, aluminium, gold, plastic and other non-metals that can be recycled and reused.

 They will then go through a crushing process for secure destruction.



Mobilephone recycling is one way you can do your part to keep our planet healthy.